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I'm a huge Max Homa fan - Met him at ABCC during the final round in the tent behind the 9th green drinking $1.00 beers for every birdie made at 9 on that day during the WEB.COM Championships a few years back. He was a fan favorite that day and i have followed closely since. He's a die hard LA sports fan, die hard Tiger fan, and loves the game of golf and it's history. He's fun to follow on Twitter as he engages with players of all ages and skills and even provides "roasts" if you dare post your swing on Twitter. With that said, i was thrilled to see him win, especially at his favorite course in the world, The Riv. It was bitter sweet to see him beat Tony, as he's probably the only other more deserving pro needing a win at this time but either way, Tony's next win is coming, he has WAAAAAAYYYYYY too much game. Larry wisely selected Max for 2 of his 4 teams, (LDawgs Bombers and Twin Telepathy) which got him some good monies and moved him from the bottom up into 3rd and 4th place. The Barrel Mafia overtook 1st place again from Dick Balldoc as he wasted a Justin Thomas selection as JT was DFL.
League Commissioners: Kyle Jones & Malcolm Marvin